Kymofoam designs and manufactures:

Low Pressure Machines

Series KF-1A Basic Economical Unit
Series KF-2V Deluxe Unit
Series KF-4 High Temperature Unit
Series KF-5 Cylinder Unit
Optional Equipment

High Pressure Machines

Low Pressure Machines

Kymofoam offers equipment for processing polyurethane foams and elastomers, silicones, epoxies, adhesives, etc. in a variety of standard configurations, each designed for specific processing requirements with dispensing capacities from 1/4 - 800 Lbs. /Min.

Our machinery is well known for its quality, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Each unit is designed to accurately meter, mix and dispense two or more components with individual temperature control for each component. Standard machinery (Recirulation design) is capable of handling materials with a viscosity range of 30 - 10,000 CPS and mixing ratios from 1:1 to 100:1.

Non-recirculation metering units with cylinder metering systems are available and recommended for high viscosity and filled materials. Units with the water flush feature, head cooling design and other options are also available.

Series KF-1A Basic Economical Unit
Features two to six component metering system using a precision gear pump, driven by an AC motor with variable frequency controller for each component. Speed/output adjustment range for each component 7:1.

Material tank size varies with output of the unit.

Each unit is equipped with electrical heating system, fully temperature controlled (accuracy: 2F), Stainless Steel material tanks, dynamic type mixer driven by an AC electric motor (3 Speeds), two-component mixing head assembly with a single digital pour time, head boom (4 Ft.) and manual solvent flush with 5 gal. Stainless Steel tank.

Electrical input 230V/3PH/60HZ

Series KF-2V Deluxe Unit
The basic unit (KF-1A) is upgraded with high precision metering pumps (our brand or Barmag) and vector type drive including a controller with encoder for each pump (speed accuracy: within 1 RPM) - Speed adjustment range 10:1.

The unit is also equipped with heat exchangers and a two mode, fully automatic temperature control system (heat/cool) with accuracy of 1F.

Refrigeration unit is optional.

Series KF-4 High Temperature Unit
The unit is designed for high temperature elastomer systems (MOCA type) and others with an operating temperature up to 300 F.. The unit, similar to the KF-2V unit (less cooling feature), is provided with heavy-duty material tanks to allow a degassing procedure (vacuum package included) and electrical heating system for the following components: tanks, pumps, lines and mixing head. Each component is independently heated and fully temperature controlled.

Series KF-5 Cylinder Unit
The unit features two or more component non-reciruclation cylinder metering system with a single or double acting metering cylinder for each component all driven by a common master air/hydraulic cylinder. Equipped with dynamic mixer (gear or pin type) driven by AC electric motor with 3 stage pulleys. Static mixer is an option. Heating/cooling operation is also optional.

Optional Equipment
Larger material tank [up to 250 gal]
Tank heating (electric Blanket heater and insulation)
Air drive tank agitator (electric drive is an option)
Automatic level control and low level alarm
Transfer pump package
Heat exchangers and cooling unit
Additional digital pour timer
Air operated mixing head boom (6 ft arm)
Multi-component mixing head assembly
Automatic color selector
Mixing head cooling feature
Automatic water flush module (plain cold water)
Nucleating air and air puff addition
Hydraulic drive for mixer operation
Electrical input (standard: 230V/3PH/60HZ)

High Pressure Machines
Kymofoam high-pressure machines are designed to accurately meter, mix and dispense two component unfilled PU foam or elastomer materials at high pressure (3,500-psi max).

The machine consists of two independent recirculation circuits: low pressure (pre-dispense mode) to keep material in suspension, maintain preset material temperature and to supply material to high pressure pumps (Rexroth-axial piston type) at desired pressure (psi) and high pressure circuit (dispense mode) to get the unit ready for pour operation. An air operated valve is used to switch the system from pre-dispense mode to dispense mode and vice versa.

Additional Features:

Each component is provided with a 60 gal heavy duty tank with detachable lid and an electrical agitator.

Heat exchangers or dual wall tanks are part of the system for "heat/cool" operation together with cold/hot water supply unit.

Low level alarm, auto fill system and flowmeter package with digital read-out of flow rate are optional.

The unit is equipped with either straight or "L" type mixing head assembly.