Kymofoam Corp. was founded in 1975 in Carson, CA (Los Angeles area) and is well known as a manufacture of standard and custom engineered polyurethane foam and elastomer processing machinery with over 500 units sold worldwide. Kymofoam equipment is known for its simplicity, ease of maintenance and reasonable cost.

In the year 2000, the company moved to Las Vegas, NV where the design, research and production of equipment as well as the sale of spare parts is now based.

We offer the following Products:

1) Low pressure metering and mixing machine designed to handle polyurethane foam and elastomer systems, silicones, epoxies and adhesives (gear pump or cylinder design) with viscosity up to 500,000 CPS.

2) Low pressure mixing heads (dynamic or static mix) (maximum output to 400 Lbs./Min) with features such as mixing head water flush (plain cold water), mixing head water cooling, auto-selector for color injection, etc.

3) High precision gear pumps (KF design) - material: tool steel range from: 3 - 70 CC/Rev.

4) Color metering units (single to multi-component systems).

5) High-pressure (RIM) machinery (external pump type) with straight and "L" shape mixing head designs.

We offer the following Services:

Technical support
Service is the backbone of our company. Our skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience in polyurethane foam processing equipment are ready to discuss your needs and gladly assist you with any problems you will encounter. A service technician is available to visit your facility for on site assistance to get your equipment running again. Contact our technical service/parts department.

We will arrange a demonstration and chemical system tests (your selected chemical system) using our test/demo equipment.

Spare Parts
Kymofoam has large inventory of machine parts to keep your production up and running. When you need spare parts for your production line, rely on our technical service/parts department.

Returning parts under warranty
Before returning any damaged parts, please refer to Kymofoam warranty for terms and conditions. Should you have any questions with regards to our warranty please contact our technical service/parts department.

Mixing head and pump re-building
We provide a complete rebuilding service for Kymofoam mixing heads and gear pumps made by Kymofoam or Barmag. We maintain a large inventory of mixing head and pump components.